Frank Del Pizzo


Frank Del Pizzo

"Snappy stand-up comedy", says Steve Morse of the Boston Globe.

Frank Del Pizzo came from the real world to the comedy stage. Ten years as an auto mechanic left Frank ready to let the people know what he was thinking. He is a breath of fresh air to a business that is full of hot air. He makes people laugh with his true to life stories and attitude.

Frank has worked as the opening act for dozens of comedy stars from Sam Kinison to Rita Rudner to Jeff Foxworthy. Likeable and friendly, this New Jersey native is able to take an audience on a journey that makes them feel like they have just taken a wild ride in the back seat of his car.

Frank Del Pizzo lives his dream every time he steps onto the stage. He is a featured entertainer for Carnival Cruise Lines, a regular in Las Vegas, and has made several appearances on ABC and the A&E network. He has traveled the world delivering laugh after laugh wherever he goes. His unique ability to turn ordinary conversations into hilarious comedy routines has made him a highly sought after act by the nation's top comedy clubs, colleges, and corporations. Frank loves what he does and it shows. His sharp, original comedic nature and quick wit make him a tough act to follow!